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Pre-order "Safe Keepings - The Revised Edition on CD now at The album is released 4.8. 2014. Available on CD/Download/Stream.

Important Announcement

Since January 2011 Martin Thomas has been assigned exclusively with Ubetoo music distribution. Ubetoo has announced that they're closing down their services this summer. This also means, that from 9th August 2014 Martin Thomas is no longer assigned with Ubetoo. All albums and singles by Martin Thomas distributed by Ubetoo will prior to this date be taken down from all digital retailers around the world.

Martin Thomas has decided to sign with Cdbaby music distribution. This means that all future digital and psycical releases from Martin Thomas will be distributed by Cdbaby. All previous albums and singles (including not previously distributed singles from the album "Safe Keepings") by Martin Thomas will be re-distributed by Cdbaby over the next couple of months. 

Unfortunately, this may have an impact on already scheduled upcomming releases by Martin Thomas. The upcomming single "85" and the revised edition of the album "Safe Keepings" might be postponed due to these circumstances. More info will follow in this matter.

Hopefully, this transition will go easily and without making any unnecessary problems for you as a listener and customer.
New Album "Dreaming While You Sleep" Is Available Now.

"An album that reach out for your heart, soul and mind. An album with fifteen very different and comtemporary songs, that all revolves around the aspects of life and death, faith and religion, love and desire, hope and redemption".

Available now on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify etc.
Also available on CD at or

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Dreaming While You Sleep (CD)

Dreaming While You Sleep (CD)

The brand new album by Martin Thomas. Includes the singles Cupid Stupid, Whatever Makes You Happy, Something To Believe In, Love Is.. and New York City.

Safe Keepings - Revised Edition 2014 (CD) Pre-order

Safe Keepings - Revised Edition 2014 (CD) Pre-order

Pre-order the new 2014 revised edition of the album "Safe Keepings". The album is released 4.8. 2014.

Signed Limited Album Packages 2014 (CD)

Signed Limited Album Packages 2014 (CD)

Exclusive 43 tracks album package by Martin Thomas. Includes the 2 studio albums Dreaming While You Sleep (2013) + Safe Keepings (2010) + The limited album Sketches (Demos and Outtakes 1998 - 2008) + Signed "Dreaming While You Sleep" album poster.

Signed Album Poster

Signed Album Poster

Signed "Dreaming While You Sleep" album poster created by Chris Halderman.

 Official New Album Poster by Graphic Designer Chris Halderman
This is the official "Dreaming While You Sleep" album poster. The signed poster will be available for purchase exclusively at from December 9th 2013. The sleeve artwork "Visions Of Home" is created by the very talented graphic designer Chris Halderman. Please, check out his art  at


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